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Hi there, I’m Robert.

Just a little bit about me— I'm a native Kansan, but currently based in snowy Boston studying Computer Science at Northeastern.

For the longest time, art has been a pillar of my life. From sketching to graphics to photography and now product design, each of these mediums are linked by a common thread: the power of a story. While the creator’s story and emotion shape these art forms, product design enables me to illuminate stories of people across the world.

In my spare time, you can find me obsessing over many hobbies that satisfy my inner tinkerer and artist. These include documentary photography, poker, fashion, and mechanical keyboards. I'm always on the lookout for another money trap... (oops) but these hobbies allow me to appreciate the little things while refining my personal taste.

I believe that...

Interfaces should simplify our lives. My passion lies in reducing life maintenance for all. Removing the struggles of what we must do so that we can focus on what we can do. By merging aesthetics with functionality, I hope to declutter everyday experiences and empower people to write the defining chapters in their story.

The world...

You might have seen the world as the theme in my portfolio...

The biggest part of my design journey has been the inspiration and guidance that the world provides. From looking at nature and architecture for inspiration, to the people who participated in my first projects, and my mentors and friends along the way. I am eternally grateful.

The world is the catalyst for my personal story and identity. I am always looking forward to what my next chapter holds.

ⓒ 2023 Robert Kan— created with inspo from the world